Helping Your Kids Brush

by on May 8, 2017
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Do your little kiddies act like brushing their teeth is the worst chore in the world? Is it always a fight to get them to to brush for the correct amount of time? Brushing can be hard on kids just like sometimes for us, as adults we think of how much more easy it would be to crawl in bed and forget about brushing. That’s why it is great to start helping them develop good hygiene habits early on. One thing that we recommend is to have them start brushing as soon as they have little teeth popping up!
Here are a few tips and tricks that might help your little learn to love brushing!
1. Let them pick out their tooth brush. This helps him/her know how important the toothbrush is.
2.Have them start with water, after a while, try just a tiny bit of toothpaste and work up to a pea-sized amount around their third birthday.
3. Tell them what the toothbrush is doing. When we have kids in our chair we let them know we are getting rid of all the “Cavity Bugs” and that we are going to help make their teeth sparkly white. This usually grabs their attention and they want to cooperate while we are cleaning. Use the same technique at home. If they know why we are brushing they may be more willing to do it on their own.
4. Show them how it is done! Kids love to copy what their siblings and parents are doing. If we show them that we love to brush and we do it often it will become a habit of their own. Try brushing together as a family.
5.Distraction. once you have the toothbrush in the mouth start asking questions to your little toddler. Talk about simple details like what had happened earlier that day. your little one will start to concentrate in remembering with you rather than fighting the toothbrush.
6.use a sticker chart. make up a special chart for him/her to add stickers to once they have brushed in the morning and night.