by on February 6, 2018
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Do you ever do a King Cake at your office or home? Or even throw a party with your friends?

Have you ever heard of them?

Here’s how it works; Buy a King Cake. You can find King cakes at your local grocery story and most bakeries will carry them in February. With your group of friends, you cut into the cake and the person who finds the little plastic baby wins! So simple but fun! You can set your prize to be anything you want.

Our prize here at the office was $20.00 cold, hard cash.

So, the one we did here at our office was about the size of a sheet cake and we tried to figure out a technique to finding the baby.

None of our techniques worked out. One of us tried to look for a bump where the baby might be hiding and someone else said “it’s always in the corner!”…it was not.

Turns out the easiest way to win is to be one of the last people to cut into the cake.

Ricci was the winner this time! She won the $20.00 and got to keep the little baby!