National Dentist Day

by on March 6, 2018
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Did you know that March 6 is National Dentist Day? Better run go get that card for your dentist!

Here at Morgan and Presley Dental we LOVE our doctors! This is such a fun office to work for and you always get a variety of patients, so it never gets old!

Dr. Morgan is always the first to jump on helping a patient. She cares so much about everyone and would do anything for anyone in a heartbeat. She is always stylish with sparkly scrubs and the cutest shoes! Look close, some of her shoes even have heels!! (Can you say super woman??) Plus, how could you not love someone with such a contagious laugh?

Dr. Presley, well he’s a special soul. He has to put up with SEVEN girls every single day and we all come with attitude. Dr. Presley is an amazing dentist and has done some of the best work I have ever seen. He always has a joke for you or something funny he found on TV or the internet to share. You can always have a good laugh with him.

Both our doctors are amazing, I myself couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in life. These doctors don’t over-treat to make an extra buck. They are 100% interested in your well-being and if you have been to our office you sure know that is true.

So a HUGE Thank You to Dr. Morgan and Dr. Presley for all that you do here in the office and outside. You have always gone the extra mile for each and one of us here. We wouldn’t be the amazing staff that we are without you guys!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


XOXO your Staff