A crown would look good on you.

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Do you need a crown? Would you like a crown? No, I am not talking about the kind that sits upon your head, although I do believe we all deserve one. I am talking about a crown in your mouth. Some of them are gold, some have metal and some are made of all porcelain. So why wouldn’t you want one?

There all sorts of reasons that you could need a crown. You could have bit down on that delicious piece of caramel filled with nuts on a tooth that had a huge silver filling in it and part of the natural tooth broke off. When that happens, in order to fully restore the tooth, a crown would be placed. Or maybe one of your teeth went psycho, like your ex, and needed a Root Canal. In order to help protect the money you just spent on that Root Canal you would want to put a crown on it.

Here at Morgan and Presley Dental we take pride in our work and we only work with the best of the best. We use a high end laboratory who we go way back with. So far back, they are considered family and you might even catch Dr. Presley golfing with some of the guys on the weekend! They are local, so our turn around time is about 10 business days. Our doctors here have chosen to stay with this lab instead of using a Cerec machine which is a really really REALLY expensive machine that makes the crown in office. No offense to those of you who use a Cerec and congratulations if you feel like it works for you! But we feel you will get the best crown possible with the lab we use.

Are crowns expensive? They can be, yes. Depending on your insurance it might not be very expensive at all. As always, a courtesy to you we will file and bill your insurance to get the most bang for your buck. If you don’t have insurance we have other ways we can help you out!

So what are you waiting for? Get in here and that crown you have always been wanting!

AND remember we are open Thursdays now too! Give us a call today and we can get you right in!


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Remembering 9/11

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We will always remember those brave souls that risked their lives to save our fellow Americans along with the ones that lost their lives this day many years ago. Thank you to all those in uniform that continue to help protect our freedoms and serve our great country.

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Periodontal Disease: What are the symptoms?

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Some of the symptoms of periodontal, or gum disease are: gums that bleed during tooth brushing and/or flossing, red and swollen gums that may be tender, bad breath that won’t go away or a bad taste in the mouth, receding gums, deep pockets between teeth and gums, and loose or shifting teeth.  In early periodontitis, most people only notice light bleeding during flossing.

If you have some of these symptoms or are concerned that you may have periodontal disease come in and see us! Our hygienists can check everything and make sure you are as healthy as can be!


you might ask yourself this question, here’s what our hygienists say..

Periodontitis is not associated with getting older, as it can also affect younger patients.  Gingivitis is a predecessor to periodontitis.  Periodontal infections usually start with less than optimal plaque control at home, but it is true that some people develop the infection much more easily than others.  Some things that can contribute to periodontal disease are: diabetes, smoking, hormonal changes, high levels of stress, and genetic predisposition (or bacteria introduced by caretaker).  If a patient is smoking, it is highly recommended to quit, and diabetes must be well controlled since diabetes and periodontitis both affect each other negatively.



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Periodontal Disease: What is it?

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Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a chronic, inflammatory infection caused by the immune response to plaque-bacteria that irritates the gums.  The plaque associated in periodontal infections is very destructive.  A periodontal infection consists of many different types of bacteria, most of which are gram negative and anaerobic (don’t like oxygen).  Some of the most harmful bacteria found in periodontal pockets are called spirochetes.  The plaque hides beneath the gum line in areas referred to as “gum” or “periodontal pockets” and it can also be imbedded in calculus (tartar), or in the gum tissue itself.  Periodontal disease presents itself by showing clinical bleeding, and bone loss around the teeth.  The back teeth are usually the first to be effected by periodontal disease.  Some periodontal infections can be very aggressive, and other infections are mild.

We have TWO amazing hygienists here at our office. Both Nikkie and Mckenna can answer all the questions you have. They can also get your gums in the best shape they have ever been in. All it takes is a little patient compliance and a few trips to our office! Not so bad right?

Call us today and we can get you an appointment ASAP!




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We Are Now Open Thursdays!

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We have exciting news! As of August 3, we are now open on Thursdays! You will be able to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors as well as our hygienist Mckenna. We are thrilled to be able to offer you more options when scheduling and hope this will increase convenience for you!

Also, we are now offering Laser Bacterial Reduction before beginning your cleaning procedure. Although insurance has not caught up with this new technology, you have no doubt heard about how dental research has discovered powerful links between the bacteria on the gum lines of teeth and diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This new procedure is performed by our hygienist. By doing this treatment, we can all feel better about reducing these dangers for you. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions about this at your next appointment.

204 East Fort Union Blvd, Suite 102, Midvale UT, 84047


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Helping Your Kids Brush

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Do your little kiddies act like brushing their teeth is the worst chore in the world? Is it always a fight to get them to to brush for the correct amount of time? Brushing can be hard on kids just like sometimes for us, as adults we think of how much more easy it would be to crawl in bed and forget about brushing. That’s why it is great to start helping them develop good hygiene habits early on. One thing that we recommend is to have them start brushing as soon as they have little teeth popping up!
Here are a few tips and tricks that might help your little learn to love brushing!
1. Let them pick out their tooth brush. This helps him/her know how important the toothbrush is.
2.Have them start with water, after a while, try just a tiny bit of toothpaste and work up to a pea-sized amount around their third birthday.
3. Tell them what the toothbrush is doing. When we have kids in our chair we let them know we are getting rid of all the “Cavity Bugs” and that we are going to help make their teeth sparkly white. This usually grabs their attention and they want to cooperate while we are cleaning. Use the same technique at home. If they know why we are brushing they may be more willing to do it on their own.
4. Show them how it is done! Kids love to copy what their siblings and parents are doing. If we show them that we love to brush and we do it often it will become a habit of their own. Try brushing together as a family.
5.Distraction. once you have the toothbrush in the mouth start asking questions to your little toddler. Talk about simple details like what had happened earlier that day. your little one will start to concentrate in remembering with you rather than fighting the toothbrush.
6.use a sticker chart. make up a special chart for him/her to add stickers to once they have brushed in the morning and night.
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Happy Visits

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It is never too early to bring your little ones in to see us. As soon as you see a tooth pop up we are happy to see them. This type of visit is what we call a “Happy Visit” and you can bring them in at any age. It’s a simple easy visit just so they can get used to who we are and that going to the dentist is not scary and they shouldn’t be afraid of us.

We have many children come in and out of our office. There are the ones who love to see us, dread to see and even the one who wish we wouldn’t even talk to them.  We try to encourage parents to bring their young ones in; it gives us an opportunity to become their friend.  A happy visit doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to do anything to them. We might just look and see where things are growing in, or some parents have found darks spots on their child’s tooth that they were concerned about but it just turned out to be stain.

When you bring your little one in for a happy visit we will bring them back into their own room just like any other regular patient. You are more than welcome to come with them or let them go on their own. We will sit them in the chair; ask how their day is going and if they are excited to see us. Their answer is usually a good indication of how the rest of the appointment will go. If they are happy to see us, we will do as much of a regular cleaning as they allow us. That is the amazing part of this type of visit; your child is in total control. We will take x-rays if they allow us and brush their teeth. We will also teach them how to floss and other good dental habits. If your child is not so happy to see us, we let them take control. We always make sure they know exactly what we are doing before we do it and the sounds that go along with it. Some parts of the cleaning sound like we are using a drill but really its like an electric toothbrush that polishes the teeth. That is usually the part most children are concerned about so we will take the handle and show them what it does and even let them touch it with their finger so they know that its soft and doesn’t hurt at all. This usually calms them down enough to let us do it. Most kids will tell us it tickles!

After we have gotten through all that we can, we will tell them the dentist will be right in to count their teeth. Both Dr. Morgan and Dr. Presley see children and equally love to visit with them. One will come in and do the exam, they’ll check out their smile and how they are biting and they will also see how many teeth they have and if they are ahead of schedule or right on time with the order that teeth come in.

As soon as the doctor has finished your child is free to go! We will give them a goodie bag that will have a new toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and some other little goodies.

We love happy visits and they are probably one of our favorite type of visits.  We believe that the way people handle being at the dental office as adults begins when they are a child.

Have you ever met an adult who is terrified to go to the dentist? It usually roots back to a bad experience that they had when they were little. Dentistry has changed over the years, we no longer use a spit bowl and we are able to put your teeth to sleep comfortably. Still adults go back to that bad memory they had and it makes them uncomfortable to see us. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable in our chairs and we will do everything in our power to help them out.

Please, please bring your kids to see us! You won’t regret it!!

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Want a Bright White Smile?

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Whether you want to whiten or love to whiten, we have the tools for you! Here at Morgan and Presley Dental we love to whiten, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love white teeth? Have you ever met someone that said, “I love how yellow my teeth are!” NO, because that’s crazy talk!

We offer  different options to whiten your teeth. We love, live and preach Ultradent Opalescene. We have seen some of the best results on patients that were told by other dental offices they would never be able to whiten because their “enamel was too thick”, or because they took a certain medication when they were younger, or were exposed to merials. Well we have faith that we can help brighten your smile so why not at least try? Did you know that 97% of patients who bleach, experience successful results?

We use Opalescence BOOST as our in office power- bleach treatment. Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated power whitening gel that provides brighter, whiter teeth after just 40 minutes in the dental chair. The powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work. Using the unique double-syringe configuration, the clinician activates the 40% hydrogen peroxide formula just prior to application, ensuring every dose of Opalescence Boost is fresh and effective. *

When you come in for a BOOST treatment you will come and hang out in the chair for 40-60 minutes. I always recommend bringing your iPod or a book to read because it can get a little boring. While you are in the chair we put cheek retractors in that will gently pull your lips out of the way. We then will place an Opal Dam, which will protect your gums from touching any of the solution. The whitening will then be placed on your teeth for two sessions of 20-30 minutes. We will watch you throughout the process to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort. Once you have finished we will clean off all the bleach and allow you to go rinse.

It is not unusual for patients to set up more than one appointment for power bleaching. Because it is a safe procedure, feel free to come in and power-bleach until you have reached your goal.

Next is our at home treatment. First we would like to take impressions of your teeth. This is an easy procedure and takes just about 5 minutes. We use a “silly putty” type of impression material that sets up in 60 seconds or less and gives us the best impressions of your teeth where we can then pour up with our stone and then make custom bleaching trays from.

Our bleaching trays are made in office and take as little as two days to have them ready for you.  Once they have been made we will give you a call to come pick them up and we will give you special instruction on how to use them.

Here’s the catch, when you first come to pick up your tray we only give you the top arch to begin with. Why you ask? Well we give you just the top to bleach for 10 days so that you can see the results or difference in the top and bottom. When you come back after the 10 days we will do a short evaluation to make sure this technique is right for you. We can also change the percentage for the bleach you are using or answer any questions that you might have about it. At that appointment we will give you your lower tray and you’ll be able to catch them up. The gel solution that we use is Ultradent Opalescence PF 10%, 15%, 20% and 35%. We generally have you use the 10% because it allows you to be able to sleep in it throughout the night. Dr. Morgan has found the more contact time you allow, the better result you are going to get.

If you have no time to do either of those we offer Opalescence GO. These are prefilled disposable whitening trays, and they live up to their name. If you are always on the go these are great for you. All of us here at the office like to pop one in in the morning or during lunch because all it takes is about 30-60 minutes! They are so convenient and super easy to use. We offer GO in 6%, 10% & 15% hydrogen peroxide. Each kit runs for $60.00 a kit which comes with 10 uses (upper and lower). That comes down to a mere $6.00 per application for you.

The research shows custom trays with Opalescence 10% Carbamide Peroxide provides the most custom and dramatic results when used overnight for the recommended number of nights. Because not everyone can make that kind of commitment, Opal GO 6%, 10% &15% hydrogen peroxide gets the popular vote, and also happens to be my favorite. BOOST Power Bleach is also very effective, it just requires more office visits. Of course, we always love to see your cute and smiling faces anytime!

Until next time….



* Ultradent Products Inc.



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Presley Dental Plan

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NO dental Insurance? No problem.

We offer an in house plan that can cover you and your whole family! Our plan is called PDP, which stands for Presley Dental Plan. We have had this plan for many years now and it has been very helpful for those who are in-between jobs, those who simply just don’t have dental insurance, or those that have bad dental insurance.

You can sign up for PDP at any time! You don’t have to wait for enrollment time to come around.

PDP costs $200.00 per every adult (18+) and $50.00 for every child under a current PDP member. We will have you sign up the day of your first cleaning because it does expire after one year of signing up.

Our in house plan covers 2 full exams, all x-rays included and you get to see one of our hygienists who will give you the full treatment. They will also do a head, neck and throat check for anything out of the ordinary. Our hygienists will also check and measure your gums to make sure they are healthy.

If you have any work that needs to be done there are also considerable discounts on treatment. You will receive 40% off of any fillings, root canals and crowns (excluding veneers, sealants, lab fees, implants and material fees). You will also get a 30% discount on any orthodontic treatment that is needed. That means brackets and wires or the clear aligners.

As always no matter what type of insurance you have, if you are an established patient of ours and you are up to date on any treatment that is needed you can receive complimentary teeth whitening. Whether you enjoy whitening in the comfort of your own home or would like to whiten in office we have the tools to make that happen for you.

This plan is unlike conventional insurance plans; the Presley Dental Plan has no annual deductible, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods!

We are always accepting new patients and love meeting new faces. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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Welcome to our practice! Let us introduce ourselves. Our home base is located in Midvale, Utah and we love it! Dr. Presley and Morgan opened office doors in 2006 and it has been an adventure ever since.

Dr. Jaimee Morgan received her dental degree from the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio. She also lectures with Ultradent Products Inc. where she has met some of her greatest friends. Ultradent is what actually brought her to Utah where she worked along side Dr. Dan Fischer on research bringing many great ideas to the table. Her of love dentistry brings excitement to everyone and her laugh is the most contagious of them all!

Dr. Morgan not only has love for dentistry, she also enjoys being outside in her yard or doing crafts with her grandkids who call her “Mimi”. She has done many DIY projects at home and has even done some in the office. We all thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Dr. Stan Presley received his dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry. He is the rock to our office and very hard working. Dr. Presley enjoys teaching his Orthodontic courses to General Dentists all across the U.S. He also knows how to place a great implant and can provide some of the most beautiful crowns.

Dr. Presley could be caught on a sunny day playing golf or watching his favorite teams play football. You can always count on having a good conversation with him.

Our Office Manager’s name is Ashley. She has been with our office for over 4 years! Ashley thrives off of adventure and spending as much time in Disneyland as she can. Ashley has also worked with Ultradent Products Inc. in the past where she has had the opportunities to travel the world with them going to many different conventions.

At the front desk, we have Katie. She is the first person you will see walking into our office, or most likely the person to answer your phone call. Katie has been with our office for almost a year now and we have enjoyed every moment of it with her here. Katie loves running and is currently in training for a race later this spring. She also loves to hike and play in the sun.

Madalie and Brittany are our Dental Assistants and they are so much fun to work with! Both are very well organized and provide nothing but the best of care for our patients. It is always very pleasing when you can hear in their voice that they actually care for our patients and want the best for them.

Madalie started in April of 2014 and she works right along side Dr. Presley keeping him in line. She has a handsome baby boy at home who recently turned one and can melt anyone’s heart. Madalie and her hubby love to go to Moab, Utah or up to her grandfather’s cabin in Oakley, Utah.

Brittany started our working front desk but wanted to try out assisting. We gave her a shot and she exceeded with flying stars. Brittany works with our hygienists and has loved assisting ever since. Brittany and her husband Ty have a boy named Jax and a girl due in June!

We have not only one, but two amazing hygienists here at Morgan and Presley Dental. They do the best work, and your mouth will never feel more clean after a visit with them.

Alisa has been with us since 2013 and has brought so much to our office. Her knowledge in the dental world is very impressive. Alisa has three active kids at home who keep her busy when she is not at work. No worries though, Alisa makes sure to take time to go on cruises with her Husband Tony.

Nikkie is the newest member to our dental family. She attended the Dental Hygiene program at Dixie State University. At the end of August Nikkie and her husband will be expecting their first baby, it’s a boy!

We have such a fun staff here and it really is so much fun to be at work. We all have differences, but one thing we will always have in common, is the love for dentistry. You can always catch us checking up on each other and helping one another out because we are a team and we take pride in that.

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