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by on April 19, 2016
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It is never too early to bring your little ones in to see us. As soon as you see a tooth pop up we are happy to see them. This type of visit is what we call a “Happy Visit” and you can bring them in at any age. It’s a simple easy visit just so they can get used to who we are and that going to the dentist is not scary and they shouldn’t be afraid of us.

We have many children come in and out of our office. There are the ones who love to see us, dread to see and even the one who wish we wouldn’t even talk to them.  We try to encourage parents to bring their young ones in; it gives us an opportunity to become their friend.  A happy visit doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to do anything to them. We might just look and see where things are growing in, or some parents have found darks spots on their child’s tooth that they were concerned about but it just turned out to be stain.

When you bring your little one in for a happy visit we will bring them back into their own room just like any other regular patient. You are more than welcome to come with them or let them go on their own. We will sit them in the chair; ask how their day is going and if they are excited to see us. Their answer is usually a good indication of how the rest of the appointment will go. If they are happy to see us, we will do as much of a regular cleaning as they allow us. That is the amazing part of this type of visit; your child is in total control. We will take x-rays if they allow us and brush their teeth. We will also teach them how to floss and other good dental habits. If your child is not so happy to see us, we let them take control. We always make sure they know exactly what we are doing before we do it and the sounds that go along with it. Some parts of the cleaning sound like we are using a drill but really its like an electric toothbrush that polishes the teeth. That is usually the part most children are concerned about so we will take the handle and show them what it does and even let them touch it with their finger so they know that its soft and doesn’t hurt at all. This usually calms them down enough to let us do it. Most kids will tell us it tickles!

After we have gotten through all that we can, we will tell them the dentist will be right in to count their teeth. Both Dr. Morgan and Dr. Presley see children and equally love to visit with them. One will come in and do the exam, they’ll check out their smile and how they are biting and they will also see how many teeth they have and if they are ahead of schedule or right on time with the order that teeth come in.

As soon as the doctor has finished your child is free to go! We will give them a goodie bag that will have a new toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and some other little goodies.

We love happy visits and they are probably one of our favorite type of visits.  We believe that the way people handle being at the dental office as adults begins when they are a child.

Have you ever met an adult who is terrified to go to the dentist? It usually roots back to a bad experience that they had when they were little. Dentistry has changed over the years, we no longer use a spit bowl and we are able to put your teeth to sleep comfortably. Still adults go back to that bad memory they had and it makes them uncomfortable to see us. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable in our chairs and we will do everything in our power to help them out.

Please, please bring your kids to see us! You won’t regret it!!


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