Presley Orthodontic Seminars

by on November 22, 2017
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If you are a GP join Dr’s Morgan and Presley in their Orthodontic course!

Our seminar is broken up into four sessions of two days each, spread out over a 4-5 month time frame.  The Jamstan/Gerety philosophy of preserving premolars is taught in a compelling and easily understood protocol.

New concepts in orthodontic treatment are incorporated as they are deemed appropriate.  Most recently, we have incorporated new expansion and distalization techniques that bring about improvements in the face shape using both orthodontic and orthopedic forces.

These seminars are known for the logical manner in which the new concepts are presented to the students.  Doctors state that it’s actually fun to learn again, and unlike most orthodontic programs, this requires at least one actual case start during your training.

A heavy emphasis on diagnosis and treatment planning is present throughout the course, and the new information is better learned through the use of group discussions.

The end result is a confidence in knowing you can actually do this effectively in your own dental practice!

Solving the Mystery of

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Spring 2018 Course

March 16-17

April 13-14

May 18-19

June 15-16

Tuition   $3995         64 hrs CE Credits                                 Tuition includes one assistant.  

  Early Payment Before   September 9, 2016          $3595.50

  Payment  Per Session     $998.75              Returning doctors $295 per session