Do you get cold sores often?

by on February 19, 2019 | Posted in Blog

Do you ever get cold sores? We have in in-office laser treatment that can help take care of them! As soon as you feel one coming on give our office a call and we can get you right in. It is best if we can catch it right when you feel it starting to develop.


204 E. Fort Union Blvd, Suite 102, Midvale UT, 84047


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GIRL BOSS- A Lecture with Dr. Morgan

by on March 7, 2018 | Posted in Blog

Dr. Morgan recently lectured in Richmond, VA with the help of Dr. Presley. This was a 2-day course with a room full of women! They had great turn out! Dr. Morgan mainly lectured about the Gemini Diode Laser, which we love and have many uses for it in out office.

This is a look at our hands-on component with Gemini Diode Lasers. Dr. Morgan says she “Loved working with this amazing group of women dentists”. These amazing women came to this meeting after a hard day’s work.

How cool is that? Dr. Morgan also said “I was truly impressed!”

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KUTV Health Fair 2018

by on February 28, 2018 | Posted in Blog

This past weekend our office attended the KUTV Health Fair at the Mountain America Expo Center in sandy, Utah. We set up our own booth and even had a little game for the kiddos to play. If you keep up with KUTV you may have seen our very own Dr. Jaimee Morgan on Fresh Living talking about the upcoming Health Fair!

It was so fun to be apart of it and even more exciting since this was our first year! And, wow! A ton of preparation goes into these things so a HUGE thank you to anyone and everyone that helped us out. It was fun to design our own booth and get all the things ordered. We wanted to stick out and so, of course, we brought in a huge banner. It looked fabulous!

If you had the chance to stop by our booth we were handing out little goodie bags and giving samples of the best toothpaste out there! Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste. This stuff is amazing! It can help remove surface stains, contains fluoride and has a cool mint flavor! You can even get it in a Sensitivity Relief formula, good for those who have more sensitive teeth.

We also had hand outs about our practice and a brochure about our in-house insurance plan “PDP” that I am sure you al have heard of by now!If not a couple posts back you can read all about it! Or call our office, 801-561-9999

This was an all day event and it was so fun to see all the people who stopped by. We met all sorts of people from younger kids to older adults. Cute families would stop by and talk about how one of them needs their braces done or older couple would say they need an implant here or there. It was just so fun to meet all these different faces and share what we have to offer.

We look forward to doing this again each year and we hope that if we missed you this year that we will see you in the coming years!

Here are a few fun photos of our booth and cute employees!


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We love Jojo!

by on December 13, 2017 | Posted in Blog

Today was a good day! We had a long time friend and former employee here at the office! Some of you might recognize Jojo from your office visits. She used to help assist and work in the back.

Jojo now has two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl and she is loving motherhood!

One thing that I love about Jojo is that every time she comes in for an appointment she always helps clean up her room, it’s not my favorite just because the help is nice but because I feel that says something about the person that she is. A GOOD person. Jojo has such a kind heart and is always looking out for everyone!


Jojo, from all of us here at Morgan and Presley Dental, we wish you happy holidays! We love you!!

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The Holidays are here!

by on December 2, 2017 | Posted in Blog

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! …Well at least our decorations are making it look that way! Still no snow!

This year we decided to be easy and put up a small tree in our office.

What traditions do you have in your family for the Holidays?

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Presley Orthodontic Seminars

by on November 22, 2017 | Posted in Blog

If you are a GP join Dr’s Morgan and Presley in their Orthodontic course!

Our seminar is broken up into four sessions of two days each, spread out over a 4-5 month time frame.  The Jamstan/Gerety philosophy of preserving premolars is taught in a compelling and easily understood protocol.

New concepts in orthodontic treatment are incorporated as they are deemed appropriate.  Most recently, we have incorporated new expansion and distalization techniques that bring about improvements in the face shape using both orthodontic and orthopedic forces.

These seminars are known for the logical manner in which the new concepts are presented to the students.  Doctors state that it’s actually fun to learn again, and unlike most orthodontic programs, this requires at least one actual case start during your training.

A heavy emphasis on diagnosis and treatment planning is present throughout the course, and the new information is better learned through the use of group discussions.

The end result is a confidence in knowing you can actually do this effectively in your own dental practice!

Solving the Mystery of

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Spring 2018 Course

March 16-17

April 13-14

May 18-19

June 15-16

Tuition   $3995         64 hrs CE Credits                                 Tuition includes one assistant.  

  Early Payment Before   September 9, 2016          $3595.50

  Payment  Per Session     $998.75              Returning doctors $295 per session

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by on November 15, 2017 | Posted in Blog

Have you ever watched Minute To Win It? You are given a task to do in a single minute. That single minute is so intense because the challenge is usually something as simple as emptying a box of tissues one by one.

Today we had a challenge that was similar to “Minute To Win It” but there was no time limit. This challenge is called Floss Boss. Here’s how it works:

Each person gets one container of floss. Everyone must have the same brand and size to make the playing field even. You need one person to play judge, this person will watch over and make sure everyone is playing fair. Once the judge says “GO!” each player has to unthread the floss container and the one who gets to the bottom first wins!

So simple right? Its so fun and entertaining to watch!

We lined up in our waiting room at the office to play and the judge said “Go!”.  Our arms were moving at the speed of light, and giggles filled the room! The game ended quickly but thats what made it so easy to do at work.

Tina, our Front Desk Manager took the big “W” (which means win!) making her this round’s FLOSS BOSS! She even got an amazing homemade trophy!

This game was super short but super fun! It was a great way to start the day!

Are there fun games or contests that you do in your office? Tell us what you do!

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by on November 13, 2017 | Posted in Blog

This man right here is the rock to our office! We would not be who we are without him!

Dr. Presley is such  hard worker and is always looking for the best option for his patients. He has the best jokes and can always keep you updated on the show The Voice. You always know you are going to have a good conversation with him.

We would like to wish Dr. Presley a very happy birthday and we hope he has a wonderful year!

At the office today we had a Fiesta Celebration in his honor! We had tons of yummy food!

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by on November 7, 2017 | Posted in Blog

Today we celebrated Dr. Morgan’s “34th” birthday! Can you believe she’s so young!? 😉

It was so fun to see all the flowers be delivered from family, co-workers and friends! We love having Dr. Morgan around and we got to enjoy a delicious Red Velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes!

From all of us here at Morgan and Presley Dental, we wish Dr. Morgan a very Happy Birthday and hope that this next year is nothing but pure bliss!

We love you!!


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A crown would look good on you.

by on September 20, 2017 | Posted in Blog

Do you need a crown? Would you like a crown? No, I am not talking about the kind that sits upon your head, although I do believe we all deserve one. I am talking about a crown in your mouth. Some of them are gold, some have metal and some are made of all porcelain. So why wouldn’t you want one?

There all sorts of reasons that you could need a crown. You could have bit down on that delicious piece of caramel filled with nuts on a tooth that had a huge silver filling in it and part of the natural tooth broke off. When that happens, in order to fully restore the tooth, a crown would be placed. Or maybe one of your teeth went psycho, like your ex, and needed a Root Canal. In order to help protect the money you just spent on that Root Canal you would want to put a crown on it.

Here at Morgan and Presley Dental we take pride in our work and we only work with the best of the best. We use a high end laboratory who we go way back with. So far back, they are considered family and you might even catch Dr. Presley golfing with some of the guys on the weekend! They are local, so our turn around time is about 10 business days. Our doctors here have chosen to stay with this lab instead of using a Cerec machine which is a really really REALLY expensive machine that makes the crown in office. No offense to those of you who use a Cerec and congratulations if you feel like it works for you! But we feel you will get the best crown possible with the lab we use.

Are crowns expensive? They can be, yes. Depending on your insurance it might not be very expensive at all. As always, a courtesy to you we will file and bill your insurance to get the most bang for your buck. If you don’t have insurance we have other ways we can help you out!

So what are you waiting for? Get in here and that crown you have always been wanting!

AND remember we are open Thursdays now too! Give us a call today and we can get you right in!


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