Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

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Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

About Us Contact

Welcome to Morgan and Presley Dental

Smile magic, beauty spoken here!

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We strive to make you more happy and confident with your smile than ever before!

In our office we have been practicing combined now for over fifty years! This culmination of knowledge and practice experience allows us to provide exceptional treatment for you.

Stan Presley, Jaimee Morgan and Adam Hess

About our Practice

At Morgan and Presley Dental our patients truly come first. We strive for you to have a top notch experience.

Cosmetically Focused

1. Tooth Whitening
2. Orthodontic issues
3. Gingival issues (gums)
4. Restorative (veneers, crowns,
bridges, bonding, etc.)

Complimentary Whitening

When you become a patient of ours we offer two complimentary in office whitening treatments for you to take advantage of. We also offer custom whitening trays, as well as, disposable whitening trays at an amazing rate!

Multiple Insurance Providers

We are proud to say that we accept multiple insurance providers so that we can best help everyone with different coverage.

New Patients

We are always happy to help new patients. If you are searching for a new dental care provider please do not hesitate to give us a call or leave a message and we will get in contact with you.

The Presley Dental Plan

Presley Dental Plan is an exciting, all-inclusive affordable way to get your dental needs taken care of. Unlike conventional insurance plans, the Presley Dental plan has no annual deductible, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods!


As our patient, your privacy rights are rigidly upheld in our office. As part of your new patient packet, you will be given a “PRIVACY NOTICE” form that describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information as well.


With a combined fifty plus years of experience between our three doctors, we feel that we have an advantage of providing the best possible care.

Friendly Staff

We strive to make you feel like a friend when you walk into our office. Not just another patient. We feel that our relationship with you is number one to make a positive experience with us.

Our Team

We all genuinely share the same passion in oral health and want you to feel welcome and comfortable when you’re in our chair.

Services Provided

With two doctors in the office, our services are vast.

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Oral Surgery

We perform an extensive amount of oral surgery. This includes simple surgeries to complex removal of impacted wisdom teeth. If sedation is required, we use only oral forms of drug delivery. In this way, you have all of your reflexes and are breathing on your own without the help of machinery. This is extremely safe for you and works in a gentle fashion. Our staff will go over all medications with you prior to the surgery and provide you with information on each drug required.

All extraction sockets are packed with antibiotic gel. By doing this, we avoid dry sockets and residual infection issues.

We use long acting local anesthetics. Because of this, the post-op medicines have a chance to enter your system while you are still comfortable.


We perform root canal treatment on both front and back teeth. Our technique is both safe and effective, and most treatments can be completed in one visit. The exception to this applies to teeth that are too infected for the filling material to be placed properly. In those cases, medicaments will be sealed in the tooth, allowing the tooth to heal over a few weeks before the treatment is completed.
Some teeth that need root canal treatments are in a chronic state of
infection. This allows time for the body to form cysts in an attempt
to isolate the infection from the rest of the body. In these cases,
an additional surgical treatment is needed.

Veneer, Crowns & Bridges

OUR DOCTORS HAVE A COMBINED FIFTY-THREE YEARS IN DENTISTRY. It goes without saying that they have perfected their techniques. They fall back on this experience every day as they put together treatment plans for patients that need crowns and bridges. They also understand that the best thought-out crown and bridge designs can fall apart if a solid partnership with a laboratory is not established. Because of that, our practice has a solid relationship with a local laboratory that delivers the most incredible quality and exquisite cosmetics. Only the finest porcelains and metals are used.

In an effort to achieve the most profound cosmetic improvement, our doctors select several types of lab materials for use. Some of these you might have heard of in advertisements. Selection of which type of crowns or veneers (i.e. Empress, Emax, Captek, porcelain fused to metal) used depends largely on which teeth are being treated and what the cosmetic challenges appear to be. Our doctors will explain why your treatment requires a certian type. THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS ALWAYS TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE SMILE.


Our implant experience goes back to 1983. From that year until now, we have put together a very solid and predictable method. Our dental practice is one of a small percentage of practices nationwide where a dentist both surgically places the implants as well as restores them with crowns, bridges, or dentures. We perform all of the implant techniues and the related prosthodontic procedures necessary to replace your missing teeth.

The advantage of having us perform your implant treatment is that you do not have to be referred to one or more specialists. All treatment is performed right here at our facility. Because we do everything from start to finish, we don’t see implants placed in weird arrangements that are difficult, costly, and ultimately uncosmetic when completed.

The only time we call in one of our trusted specialists is when complicated bone grafting is needed at the site of your implants. Again, because of our experience in these matters, your well-being comes first and foremost.

We usually take 4 bitewing x-rays twice per year and a panographic x-ray every 3 years. These x-rays are a requirement for a thorough exam and diagnosis. On occasion, we take additional x-rays to get more information on a certain tooth or area. We take the fewest amount of xrays to get the job done.

We examine your teeth and gums as well as your orthodontic situation and cosmetic appearance. A throrough cleaning is performed using an ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments, and this is followed up with a gentle polish and fluoride application. Yes, we still believe in the benefits of fluoride, and we do not charge an additional fee for it. You are certainly allowed to decline the fluoride if you so desire.
A treatment plan is provided for you the same day. We will check on benefits and get you back in as soon as you desire.

If you have a cavity, we restore the tooth using a tooth colored resin that is bonded to your natural tooth. This allows for less tooth structure to be drilled away. It is also better at protecting both the tooth and the nerve. Finally, it saves you from having to deal with fractures around the filling, as what happened in the old days when you got a silver filling. On any back teeth that show signs of breakdown in the grooves, we
will place bonded sealant material.


Our doctors have extensive training in the use of tooth colored, direct bonded fillings. As a matter of fact, they go all over the nation.

We provide both limited minor tooth movement where treatment ranges from three months to one year. We also provide comprehensive treatment where the national average is two years. The orthodontic method we use focuses on a non-extraction technique, so you end your treatment with the same number of teeth you started with. You would be amazed at how many adults elect to have orthodontic treatment!

Depending upon your needs and circumstances, we provide treatment
using clear aligners, conventional braces, and lingual braces. We provide
your treatment with the highest confidence because not only do we do the work, but we also teach other general dentists all over the nation.

As we age, so does our smile. It’s not just vanity, research shows a direct correlation between physical attractiveness and self esteem. We all know how important a pretty, healthy smile can be for self esteem and social interaction. Since our dental practice is cosmetically oriented, and patients come to us because they trust us to provide the ultimate esthetic result, we
follow the DENTAL COSMETIC PYRAMID. We designed this pyramid and teach
it as well. Using this method ensures that we address all aspects of your smile and provide you with the information and options to attain the smile that you want.

The Dental Cosmetic Pyramid is approached as follows:
1. Tooth Whitening
2. Orthodontic issues
3. Gingival (also known as the gums; the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth) issues
4. Restorative (veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, etc.)
You are not in any way required to have all 4 steps performed. You may not need them
or you may not want them. However, it is our job to inform you of what steps will give you the best esthetic result. Then it is up to you as to what you are most comfortable with.
Your treatment plan will be designed in a logical step-wise fashion using the pyramid.
Beginning at the foundation, we provide you with COMPLIMENTARY tooth whitening
procedures. Besides giving you a whiter brighter smile, this also allows us to use lighter colored restorative materials should you need any in the future.
Orthodontic treatment is the second level of the pyramid. Because we have the ability
to move teeth to their proper locations, it allows us to provide you the ultimate cosmetic result even if crown and/or veneers are planned. It’s amazing what rounding out the arches orthodontically can do for cheek and lip support.

As with your knee joints, your jaw joints take quite a beating! Over the
years, breakdown can occur. When this happens, pain and tenderness
result. There is no formal dental specialty to refer patients for treatment.
We have seen improvement and reduction of symptoms in many patients by providing what is termed “conservative, non-invasive treatment”.
Many times we can construct a bite splint to free up your mandible and
allow the inflammation and the associated pain in the joint ligaments
and chewing muscles to subside. Following several weeks of adjustment,
your mandible finds its “sweet spot”. At that time, a conservative bite
adjustment is performed on your teeth. This allows the upper and lower
teeth to come together at the same time. The bite interferences are
therefore eliminated.

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This is where we like to showcase various different patients with their consent with before and after photos.

Claira Hollings – Check out her before and after!

Miss Idaho USA 2015 Boost Whitening Vit~L~Escence Veneers Gingival Recontouring Before:                                                           …

Brooke Bezanson

Opalescence Whitening

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